Who we are

Welcome to Undokai

UNDOKAI Dreams Association (UDA) is a Non Government Organization, a Section 8 company under the Companies Act, 2013 for charitable and not-for-profit purposes.

“UNDO” means exercise and “KAI” means meet, making UNDOKAI a term that translates to sports day. Started as an annual tradition of conducting sports day in Japanese schools since 1885, the aim of UNDOKAI is a year-long educational training which contributes to intellectual, moral and physical development. The essential merit of UNDOKAI is its capacity to teach values that build 'communityship', which is why corporates also use it as a tool to build solidarity/unity of the company.

Established in 2016 in India, UDA “contributes to the progress and development of society from the sites of education.” This means that through school-based education, by providing UNDOKAI to the children who will make up the society of the future, we will enhance the community-ship skills of “perseverance, self-control, motivation, social intelligence, appreciation, optimism, and curiosity” with an “attitudinal education” that cannot be learned through reading or writing. For the act of learning, we believe that given the presence of an independent “attitude,” knowledge will transform into wisdom, and eventually, for children, it will come to be taken for granted before fading away to become culture.

Children who participate in UNDOKAI will become adults a mere 10 years later, and then parents 10 years after that. To realize true social progress and development for human beings, we are determined to attempt to have an effect that will last for those next 20 years. We also intend to involve parents and even the community through our deep concern for children’s growth.

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