Problem we find

This is the era of Digital Age. Owing to the invention of Internet in 1990s, this revolution is now being characterized by the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cloud Computing and High-Speed Internet/Wireless connectivity. To keep pace, there have been massive paradigm shifts in the world and continuous technological developments have led to constant changes in the society.

For continued growth in this era, organizations across the world are looking to fully utilize the diverse and unique practical knowledge of one’s talent and transform it into shared wisdom and higher business performance. They have transformed their business model from mass production to personalized and customized solutions. The system of performance management, which included measurement and evaluation, the purpose to enhance QCD constantly have also collapsed.

This change has not been percolated to the education system of our country. Our school system is still living in the bygone era of the 1st Industrial Revolution, owing to the rapid technological evolution, performance management was introduced in education. The mass production of Human Resources to support the high economic growth of today’s developed nations (leaders of old economy) continues till date.

The schooling system supports the ‘Natural Intelligence’ (science) and teaches our children how to think and do. This was important when the meaning of finding truth about invisible thought had diminished and the world needed workers to run the machines. It is time all that needs to change.

It is time to introduce HUMANITY back into the education system. We need to encourage skepticism, tolerance and critical thinking in children. The barriers of competition should be broken down and students should collaborate to run the “conceive-hypothesize-verify” cycle. This will require the system to transform itself to support ‘Personal Intelligence’ (art) and teach students what to think and do.

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