Introduce & organise UNDOKAI in schools

Sports are ingrained in the Japanese way of life, but besides keeping children fit, UNDOKAI also teaches them values like:

  • Teamwork – You feel happy when you win, but you’ll be happier when you have a team to share your victory with.
  • Communication – Talking, playing, learning and growing together - not winning or losing - that’s what UNDOKAI is all about!
  • Respect – Playing together helps you recognise others for their strengths.
  • Courage – Opening yourself up to new experiences, doing what you think is hard - that’s the spirit of UNDOKAI.
  • Discipline – Doing things in the right way at the right time is of prime importance in UNDOKAI.
  • Equality – Our skin colour, ideas or talents might be different but we all are equally special in our own unique ways.
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