What we do

UNDOKAI Dreams Association works with the schools to develop the non-cognitive skills of the children. Under the long-term educational approach, students take full initiative and cooperate with each other to produce UNDOKAI event as a gift for parents, teachers and other supporters of the community to see children’s growth. UDA aims to deepen each student’s self-awareness, subjectively and objectively, and nurture self-initiative, determination & practical abilities throughout the 25-week process that includes planning, preparation, execution and review of the event.

Every school form their own project team consisting of student representatives so as to deepen planning contents and help students think for themselves to make the event a success. The discussion is initially led by teachers and UDA representatives but gradually handed over to the Students. The teachers and UDA Representatives take on the role of advisors and support only. This encourages the students to be independent and help them to express and recognize each other’s individuality, personality and diverse ideas. It plays a massive role in consensus building and compassion.

Our Vision

Using the values & potential of UNDOKAI as a part of education to instill the power of compassion, respect & empathy amongst children, to help them maximize their long-term potential as well as develop personalities

Our Mission

A mutual-help society full of smiles, that has a culture of compassion & respect for each other and where children have the opportunity to learn & develop community-ship

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